Welcome to Riverbank!

Welcome to Riverbank! We are building one-stop fintech service for traveling korea.

You can check riverbank, https://www.riverbank.world

Unlock Seamless Travel in Korea with Prepaid Card

Currency Exchange

Looking for a currency exchange?
Waiting in line at the exchange office?
Spending hours comparing the best exchange rates?

Now you don’t have to. Experience contactless currency exchange at the best rates with Riverbank.

Payment Convenience

Worried that your international payments won’t be authorized?
Worried about not being able to make ATM withdrawals?

Now you don’t have to. The Riverbank Card offers the same level of payment and ATM withdrawal coverage as a local credit card in South Korea.


Enjoy all of South Korea’s mobility with a single card. Buses, subways, and taxis. No need to find a kiosk to top up your transportation card – do it from the comfort of your app. Having trouble booking a train? Riverbank’s AI assistant is here to help.

Why Riverbank prepaid card?

Safe and Security

Our card offers secure transactions and peace of mind for your travel expenses.

Wide Acceptance

Accepted at a variety of establishments, ensuring you can use it almost anywhere.

24/7 Support

Customer support available around the clock to assist you.


How does the Riverbank Prepaid Card Work?

It’s just like a regular debit card. The only difference is that you can load, exchange, and make payments all from the app.

How can I get a Riverbank Prepaid Card?

Sign up for the pre-registration and we would contact you right after release.

What currencies will I load onto the card?

We plan to prioritize USD, CNY, JPY, TWD, CAD, EUR, HKD, SGD and VND, and will work quickly to support all currencies.

Can I use the card for online purchase?

Online purchasing is an import part of our roadmap.

Can I use the card outside of Korea?

or now, it’s not going to be possible with this card. However, there are long-term plans to partner with Visa and Mastercard to create a globally accepted card.

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