Let’s Visit a Dermatology Clinic in South Korea!

This time, we are godermatology clinics in South Korea. If you want to visit a dermatology clinic in South Korea, where should you go, and how much should you expect to spend? Let’s find the price of korea dermatology!

The Epicenter of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology: Apgujeong

Apgujeong, the center of dermatology

Apgujeong, a traditional affluent neighborhood in South Korea, is known for its luxury shopping malls, plastic surgery clinics, and dermatology centers, and many dermatology clinics are clustered there. Dermatology clinics in Apgujeong often boast upscale interiors, making visitors feel well taken care of.

Apart from Apgujeong, other areas like Gangnam Station, Nonhyeon Station, Sinsa, Cheongdam, Hongik University, Sinchon, and more are also famous for their dermatology and plastic surgery clinics. So, if you’re considering getting a procedure done while traveling, consider these areas!

Pricing for Dermatology Procedures

Let's find out the price of dermatology treatment in Korea

The price of Korea dermatology procedures can vary depending on the specific treatment you want. Let’s take a look at the estimated prices for several common procedures.


Skin Botox, which helps eliminate wrinkles on the forehead and various areas of the face, costs around 160,000 Korean Won (KRW) for the entire face. The rejuvenating filler treatment, which aids in skin regeneration, costs about 120,000 KRW per 1cc, and they recommend undergoing three sessions at 3-week intervals.

Laser Treatments

What about the prices for laser treatments that remove skin spots and freckles? The popular Pico Toning laser treatment costs around 53,000 KRW per session. The recommended treatment schedule is ten sessions at 2-week intervals, totaling 530,000 KRW.

Skin Whitening

One of the well-known procedures for making the skin brighter is the Baekok Injection, which they charge around 20,000 KRW per session for, and they recommend having ten sessions at 1-week intervals.

Skin Lifting

A common treatment for improving skin elasticity, Inmode, costs around 52,000 KRW per area. Additionally, the gland Botox, which improves facial contour, costs about 54,000 KRW per 50 units.

We’ve briefly explored the prices of some of the representative dermatology procedures available in South Korea. If you’d like to convert these prices into your own currency, you can visit https://www.riverbank.world!

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