3 Ways to Exchange Money in South Korea

exchange money in korea

If you’re in South Korea and running low on cash, what can you do? Let’s explore three methods for exchanging money in South Korea.

Currency Exchange in Myeongdong

In South Korea’s Myeongdong district, you’ll find many currency exchange offices. The simplest way is to visit one of these exchange offices in person to convert your cash. While this method is straightforward, it may have language barriers, and the exact exchange rates applied may not be transparent.

Airport Currency Exchange

Incheon Airport has currency exchange offices operated by banks. So, if you need to exchange money urgently upon your arrival in South Korea, you can do so at the airport. However, keep in mind that the exchange rates at the airport are often less favorable.


Unlike the options mentioned above, we offer a completely contactless currency exchange service. You can load KRW (Korean Won) using the convenient payment methods you use in your home country and make mobile payments hassle-free!

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